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Attendant Solutions is a new computer system that greatly enhances the speed and accuracy of receiving and broadcasting your operating status and closing information during impending inclement weather conditions.

Applying the same easy-to-use, touch-tone response technology included in today's voice mail systems, WTIU's new system will actually answer your telephone call, sounding just like one of our receptionists, and prompt you through a set of instructions to quickly obtain your general operating status or closing condition. The system also includes a conventional voice mail option that allows you to leave any additional information that you feel is critical for inclusion with the standard closing condition choice you selected.

If you prefer to notify us via the web, you have the option of entering your user information above and entering your status there. Choose whatever method is most convenient for you!

To register, please contact the Administrator at (812) 855-6893 or e-mail wtiu@indiana.edu.